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Disaster Playground by Nelly Ben Hayoun

Disaster Playground is a creative platform investigating the design of emergency procedures in the international space programme. Launching in March 2015, we caught up with this mega-project's …


Sunday Photo Essay

Here’s a selection of the finest photos that were posted on this week.


Photo Essay: Adrian Woods and Gidi van Maarseveen

Today’s photo essay is a visual feast for the eyes. It’s a small selection of the work of photography duo Adrian Woods and Gidi van Maarseveen. Both Woods and Van Maarseveen graduated in

Photo Essay: Tara Donovan Exhibition

Fantastical foms constructed from simple materials create a unique scuptural universe in the Tara Donovan exhibition at Louisiana Contemporary.


Sunday Books: Think Dutch!

DAAB will publish a co-edition with Frame, entitled Think Dutch! Creative professionals in the Netherlands didn’t bury their heads in the sand after the crisis hit in 2008. They set

Sunday Books: To Breathe, To Fly, To Float

A photo essay of architectural projects with an aquatic theme.


Sunday Books: Fetishism in Fashion

Frame’s first book on fashion will be released at the Mode Biennale in Arnhem.


Sunday Books: Spring Feast Masterclass

This weekend, in case you are planning to prepare a spring feast, we decided to share with you some inspirational elements that would go a long way to transforming any gathering into a banquet.


Sunday Books: Materiology

In the book Materiology, a joint publication by Frame Publishers and matériO, everything there is to know about materials and technologies is covered in one single volume.


Sunday Books: Oranges and Lemons

Having spotted a smattering of yellow- and orange-tinged images across Frameweb in recent weeks, we pondered for a while as to why this might be. Is it because spring is on its way in this part of …


Sunday Books: Playing With Space

Discovering the unexpected whilst having a spot of weekend retail therapy is very refreshing. The designers of such shops must enjoy confusing customers, but only just enough so as to intrigue.

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Sunday Photo Essay

Here’s a selection of the finest photos that were posted on this week.