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Technology-driven solutions transform the bathroom

FRANKFURT – The Best of ISH Part 2: Frame reports the latest innovations in bathroom design and trends in sanitation solutions from the ISH trade fair.

Best Of

Sanitary brands respond to changing lifestyles

FRANKFURT – The Best of ISH Part 1: Frame reports the latest innovations in bathroom design and trends in sanitation solutions from the ISH trade fair.

Billboard Copenhagen trip
Billboard Copenhagen trip

Vitamin balances ceramic components in the process of crafting its iconic luminaire

LONDON – Clean lines and a strong silhouette characterise K Lamp, a design that was borne out of British product design brand Vitamin’s desire to develop a lamp with a crisp, …


Autodesk uses an algorithm to design a chair

TECHNOLOGY – An algorithm is responsible for your Google search, your computer speed and now – the design of your chair.


Lamps by DAE students intensify our bond with products that respond to touch

TECHNOLOGY – The almost unconscious act of switching on the light takes an interesting turn in lamps by two graduates of Design Academy Eindhoven.


Technology moves, reacts and pretends to be human – so what can it do for us?

TECHNOLOGY – Perhaps the greatest point of friction between man and machine is not hardware but software, which may replace its organic counterpart in terms of automated production …


In a world of diminishing resources, modular construction proves its worth

TECHNOLOGY – Suitable for everything from fashion to furniture, modular systems meet the needs of both designer and user.


Studio Furthermore gives ceramics a space-age injection

MATERIALS – ‘A close relative of glass, ceramics are woven into the fabric of our anthropology.’ Those words are on the website of Studio Furthermore, an outfit run by Marina …

Ventura Lambrate
Ventura Lambrate

Our footprint as consumers informs furniture by Lucas Muñoz Muñoz

MADRID – An explanation of Spanish designer Lucas Muñoz Muñoz’s Temporal collection suggests that his furniture – as it invades homes and public spaces – can be likened to …


Bart Joachim van Uden rocks veneer, finds pattern online

EINDHOVEN – Bart Joachim van Uden knows that the mass-produced staple isn’t going away anytime soon. He treats veneer as a diamond in the rough.


Make a cultural connection with MTic-design at Frame's KitchenLab

COLOGNE – MTic-design shares the advantages of intercultural design collaboration in a Trend Talk at Frame’s KitchenLab, an exhibition held during IMM LivingKitchen.


An iconic chair that creates a dialogue with the material from which it is crafted

MUNICH – Produced by Zeitraum and designed by Läufer + Keichel, Nonoto emerged from a mutual wish of creating an iconic solid wood chair styled in a classic tradition.