Public Art

Prismatica by RAW

Amidst a winter snowscape, a public plaza in downtown Montreal is glimmering like a jewel thanks to a public art installation comprised of kaleidoscopic prisms.

Best of Public Art

Architects, artists and designers are drumming up attention in underutilised public spaces by activating them in clever ways.

Color Field by Ivan Toth Depeña

A vibrant installation by Artist Ivan Toth Depeña is dazzling commuters of the West Rail Line in a suburb outside of Denver, Colorado. A grove of tree-like structures with transparent foliage sprung …

Het Orakel by Atelier Van Lieshout

On May 5th, visitors to Amsterdam’s Dam square witnessed an oversized head take full advantage of the Netherland’s Freedom of Speech laws. A 4m tall sculpture dubbed ‘Het Orakel’, meaning …

It Started With a Dime by Studio Wessels Boer

AMSTERDAM – A narrow, dead-end street located just outside of Amsterdam’s city centre is an unlikely recipient of its own public work of art.

Ryan McGinness Takes Over Amsterdam!

Amsterdam has a spring in its step and it also has an American artist taking over a number of the city's galleries, shops and streets. April is 'Ryan McGinness month' as we celebrate the launch of …

The Immersery by Hassell

Dead centre Melbourne, Queensbridge Square has been transformed into a temporary pavilion – infiltrating the river embankment on three levels – for the annual Food and Wine Festival. …

String Prototype by Numen/For Use

Climbing through a 3D grid, visitors feel the immensity of space. String Prototype by Austro-Croatian design collective Numen/For Use follows the same principles first demonstrated in Net Blow Up – …