Two twisting towers turn eyes to the Florida coast

MIAMI – BIG's residential high-rise in Coconut Grove, the oldest and greenest neighbourhood in Miami, is the first to be built for over a decade.

Delfina Foundation by Studio Octopi and Shahira Fahmy Architects

LONDON – Delfina Foundation, the largest artist residency provider in London, recently re-opened its doors following a £1.4m refurbishment. The project has merged two Edwardian townhouse units to …

Keret House Residency in Warsaw, Poland

WARSAW – Keret House invites emerging talent to engage with the idea of ‘Void Spaces’ during a residency in Warsaw, Poland.

Three Clients and Three Architects: Rethinking Domesticity

As an extension of her book How to Make a Japanese House, writer, researcher and long-time Frame contributor Cathelijne Nuijsink organized Three Clients and Three Architects: Rethinking …

God's Loft by LKSVDD Architects

Who knew living in a church could be this much fun?

LKSVDD Architects have turned a church in the Dutch town of Haarlo into a minimalist, colourful loft – with plenty of tongue-in-cheek touches.