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Nick Leith-Smith: merging shopping experience and local culture for Manolo Blahnik

TOKYO – In more than 30 Manolo Blahnik stores around the world, Nick Leith-Smith translates the local context into a visual dialogue with the brand and its customers.

Cheungvogl Architects

Cheungvogl dedicates a room to selfies at a Russian department store

ST PETERSBURG – Hong Kong-based architecture studio Cheungvogl adds a Selfie Room to its recently completed spa and treatment areas as part of the restoration of iconic department store Au Pont …


Iceoff’s design for a Moscow workspace is layered with textures, styles and a touch of eccentricity

MOSCOW – Iceoff was thrown a particularly juicy creative bone for the commission of Proekt’s Moscow workplace: don’t make it look anything like an office, more like a highly-eccentric apartment …

The 'Brutalic Spider' carries a vision for new human settlement.

Timofey Zhilin stacks brutalist landmarks for dystopian architectural vision

MOSCOW – The witty collages of a young Russian artist reference history while looking into the future. 

The Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry by Y. Platonov in Moscow, Russia.
Urban Design

Fifth Façade re-evaluates Soviet international style architecture with a drone

Photographers Denis Esakov and Dmitry Vasilenko set to the skies above the former Soviet Union with the use of a drone to capture previously unseen views of soviet international style architecture.

The structure references the nearby Ural Mountains.

Koltsovo Airport VIP Lounge by Nefaresearch

Nefaresearch's design for the VIP lounge at Russia’s Koltsovo Airport attempts to ‘shake up monotonous interior space’. 

Alexander Gronsky, Pastoral, 2008 - 2012, Dzerzhinskiy II, suburbs of Moscow, Russia, courtesy of the artist
Contemporary Art

Close and Far: Russian Photography Now

Close and Far introduces some of Russia’s most original young voices – alongside the extraordinary work of a pre-revolutionary master whose work has only recently been rediscovered – to the UK …

Sucabaruca is a coffee set for Canadian brand Mjӧlk.

Totemica by Luca Nichetto and Lera Moiseeva

From 27 June until 16 September, visitors to Istituto Italiano di Cultura in Toronto, Canada, can see the process behind Luca Nichetto and Lera Moiseeva’s products for Mjölk.

The new terminal is expected to handle 12 million passengers a year, and 5 million more once the second phase is completed.

New Terminal at Pulkovo International Airport by Grimshaw

Saint Petersburg – Three firms recently rung the curtain down on the first phase of a master plan for Pulkovo International Airport in Saint Petersburg, Russia.

Left: Stenberg Brothers & Yakov Ruklevsky, The Decembrists, 1927. Right: Stenberg Brothers, Sporting Fever, 1928. Both posters courtesy of GRAD Gallery for Russian Arts and Design and AntikBar
Contemporary Art

Kino/Film: Soviet Posters of the Silent Screen

Ever since GRAD opened in London last year, gallery goers have been repeatedly entranced and impressed by its excellently curated exhibitions that feature Russian graphic and contemporary art.

Harbin, China, courtesy of the artist

Fish Out of Water by Albert Elm

Albert Elm’s sumptuous photographs of his journey through Siberia and China will make any jaded, city-dwelling soul feel an invigorating twinge of excitement in his or her heart. Travelling with …

Inside the Rainbow, edited by Julian Rothenstein and Olga Budashevskaya. Courtesy Redstone Press
Contemporary Art

Utopia Ltd at Gallery for Russian Arts and Design

Stalwarts of the gallery scene in London will be delighted to know that GRAD: Gallery for Russian Arts and Design is making its mark with its interesting exhibitions that showcase graphic arts and …