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Liu Yuyang’s showroom of the imagination shows more by displaying less

SHANGHAI – A showroom is limited by its four walls; an experience room, on the other hand, is limited only by the imagination.


Mur Mur Lab makes light work of a petite Shanghai store

SHANGHAI – Light doubles as a material in Xiao Chun Ri He, a store with a minimal white aesthetic enlivened by greenery.


Nike+ Run Club lets you run in a Tron-like space

SHANGHAI – With immersive technology, the Nike+ Run Club pop-up hub in Times Square expands the indoor-running experience. 


A performance and exhibition centre in Shanghai is Neri&Hu's response to urban chaos

SHANGHAI – Hub is a mixed-use development in Hongqiao, a busy subdistrict of Shanghai with all the trademarks of the huge metropolis itself: bright lights, deafening noise and …


A bookstore by X+Living in Shanghai draws shoppers into an urban retreat

SHANGHAI – Books are making a comeback. Yes, contrary to popular belief, print is far from passé.


Workers inhabit the walls in Linehouse's design for NextEV

SHANGHAI – In a studio for a Chinese electric-car company, Linehouse houses the central working area in a shifting timber-and-glass shell.


Alexander Wong's cinema design has perplexing universal concepts

SHANGHAI – White Futura is a new destination to escape to at China Film Cinema City 2016. Embodying theoretical concepts, fantasy and mind-blowing innovations, the venue is the crowning jewel of …


Coordination Asia lets solvers take a crack at a glass maze

SHANGHAI – At this point, we can safely say the G in G+Park stands for growing, not glass. Coordination Asia's latest addition to the glass-centric campus is a strategic layering of illumination, …

Leaderboard: Clerkenwell
Leaderboard: Clerkenwell
Curved, translucent screens made of light textile form ephemeral boundaries.

waa deconstructs the conventional showroom

SHANGHAI – A Beijing design firm attempts to create a spatial dynamic receptive to the visitor’s unique perception.


Holographic hues bridge visitors into Coordination Asia's Design Wing at Shanghai Museum of Glass

SHANGHAI – Following five years of zealously conveying the possibilities of glass, the Shanghai Museum of Glass again tasks Coordination Asia with bridging the subject further with a dedicated …


Neri&Hu emancipates the interior of a Shanghai burger joint

SHANGHAI – Neri&Hu hits another home(town) run with Rachel’s, a restaurant that brings the 1950s American burger-joint vibe to Shanghai.

Photo Shuhe Architectual Photography

Ippolito Fleitz Group reflects eyewear by Bolon into oblivion

SHANGHAI – Floating within formation, hundreds of glasses are set upon ledges and reflected into oblivion at Bolon's flagship.