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Masquespacio demonstrates how to look great for day-to-night dining

València, Spain – There are millions of YouTube tutorials by beauty gurus on how to achieve something Masquespacio does effortlessly for gastrobar La Manera.


Valdivieso constructs a house on top of a water tank

ALPEDRETE – A former water cistern provides the foundation for a single-occupancy home near Madrid.


Guillermo Santomà fills a Barcelona workplace with the magic of Miami

Barcelona – The new headquarters of ad agency The Keenfolks in Barcelona are a poetic example of how to achieve more with less.

Interior Design

Masquespacio packs play into lifestyle store Gnomo

VALENCIA – By juxtaposing monochrome with vibrant hues, Masquespacio injects a generous dose of fun into lifestyle store Gnomo.


Masquespacio's design for Valencia Lounge Hostel caters to different personalities

VALENCIA – Spanish agency Masquespacio designs Valencia Lounge Hostel as a home away from home for a wide range of travellers. Each of the 11 rooms reflects a different personality. 

Art & Culture

Electric light represents desires and dreams in Carlos Coronas's installation

ÁVILES – What do the communication signals of fireflies, visions of ‘promised lands’ held by immigrants, and signage erected by roadside brothels have in common? For Spanish visual artist …


Home Back Home by Enorme Studio reveals new domestic socio-politics

MADRID – Enorme Studio researched a trend called ‘de-emancipation’ and reacted with IKEA-hacks.


Izaskun Chinchilla reanimates ruins

CASTILLO DE GARCIMUÑOZ – A Madrid-based firm gives a Castilian archaeological site a bizarre but socially-conscious renovation.


IDOM breaks the mould with Torresolo Public Housing Project

LEIOA – A global firm takes a dynamic and fluid approach to a new pair of residential towers in the Bilbao area.


PKMN enhances domestic spaces with rotating walls

ASTURIAS – The newly renovated MJE House in Spain has been transformed to maximise domestic space with the help of moving walls.


A2 Arquitectos create a play area inside a kaleidoscopic tunnel

MAJORCA – A dynamic sensory experience provides a bright and colourful interactive space for children to play in.

Art & Culture

ja! studio's geometric window display for Loreak Mendian conjures summer

BARCELONA – ja! studio’s latest window display for Loreak Mendian, Karramarro – Basque for ‘crab fish’ – shows the brand’s SS 2015 women’s footwear collection amidst a minimalist …