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Reflecting the ‘golden rule’ of threes, Dutch designer Ben Werkt has created a trifecta series of lamps for floor, table and ceiling. Each lamp is made by hand from two red cedar frame...


Another story

There is a growing interest in photography today, as proven by the panoply of exhibitions, fairs and festivals throughout the world. And this is hardly surprising. Nowadays, practically...



The non-commercial gallery Ynglingagatan 1 opened at a 16 sqm venue in Stockholm in the autumn of 1993. The driving force was a sense of frustration with the stagnating art scene. It rapidly...


ATG IT Department

In designing a new office space for the IT department of ATG, Note Design Studio created a concept that offers employees a home away from home. The space accomodates 50 employees between...


Vittra Telefonplan School

Imagine a school with no classes or classrooms and you’ll be imagining a design challenge assigned to Danish studio Rosan Bosch. The company was commissioned to create the interiors of the...