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Nordic flies its sustainability flag at Oslo Airport

OSLO – Sustainability sets the scene for a wellness-oriented expansion at Oslo Airport, courtesy of local firm Nordic. 


John Sabraw paints with 'lifeless but dazzlingly coloured' pollution

With paints derived from the toxic run-off that pollutes Ohio's coal-mining country, John Sabraw used a simple technique to achieve the ecological complexity of his Chroma series.

Billboard: Pre-Sale Book Schemata
Billboard: Pre-Sale Book Schemata
Photo Mirjam Kluka

Daniel Freitag reveals the story behind the compostable F-abric line of clothing

To many, the name Freitag is synonymous with sustainability, thanks to the company’s flagship product: messenger bags made from recycled truck tarpaulins. But Daniel Freitag, who founded the …


David Oakey translates biomimicry fascination into carpet innovation for Interface

Oakey’s fascination for the natural design principle, which, after reading what he believes must be more than 100 books about green design, has become the core of his work.

Four units are stacked to form a spacious apartment with two offices below.

Finch Buildings crafts modular boxes as a flexible solution with durability

AMSTERDAM – Dutch company designs standardised units that are made from wood and could set new standards for sustainable construction.

The mountain panorama translated into an urban setting.
Mixed Use

Green development fertilises Clichy-Batignolles district in Paris' periphery

PARIS – A sustainable development by Atelier Du Pont and Jean Bocabeille Architects is uprooting the outskirts of Paris for a new landscape.

The interactive installation by Loop.pH raises awareness of environmental issues in both a playful and apt manner.

Loop.pH illuminates the link between active and healthy cities with VelO2

TAIPEI – A dynamic and interactive light installation by Rachel Wingfield and Mathias Gmachl of London-based Loop.pH is shining a spotlight on an important consideration of urban life. 

A 'green' school complex is designed as part of a new sustainable development in North-Eastern France.

An eco-school complex is designed for a new sustainable development in North-Eastern France

SIN-LE-NOBLE – The site connects the existing district of Epis and the new district of Le Raquet, offering educational facilities for both areas.

Leaderboard: Clerkenwell
Leaderboard: Clerkenwell
Cloud Seeding pavilion is located in Israeli Museum Holon's urban plaza.

MODU's Cloud Seeding installation activates a plaza with a playful roof of plastic balls

ISRAEL – Located in the Museum Holon’s urban plaza, the Cloud Seeding pavilion by MODU hosts leisure and cultural events.

The Ecocapsule’s spherical shape is selected due to the form’s small surface area to internal volume.

Q&A: Nice Architects delves into details about the Ecocapsule

The first truly independent micro-home allows people to reach new frontiers with the luxury of a hotel room.


Auður Inez Sellgren redesigns the apple: growing from the earth, not falling from the tree

A new, nutritional form of fruit has emerged from the Icelandic Academy of the Arts, crafted by graduate designer Auður Inez Sellgren. It is called Hið íslenzka epli (which in English means 'The …


Plane to Product by Design Academy Eindhoven Students

A team of students from Design Academy Eindhoven has come up with a series of product protoypes showcasing some familiar KLM characteristics – this is because they are made from recycled interiors …