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Wülser Bechtel offers salon-goers ever-changing scenes in Zurich

ZURICH – When sculpting a salon on Zurich’s bustling Talstraße, Wülser Bechtel Architekten took note of the site-specific soundtrack – both indoors and out. 


Aluminium-clad residential build respects its neighbours

MÄNNEDORF – Hurst Song Architekten stacks three apartments around a central staircase in Switzerland.

Billboard Copenhagen trip
Billboard Copenhagen trip

Bureau A distorts the dance floor within a mysterious inflatable nightclub

GENEVA – The annual party of the Federation of Swiss Architects took place in a PVC inflatable designed by Bureau A. The deceivingly small installation was jam packed with a bar, dance floor and DJ …


Dutch designer Maurice Mentjens picks five favourites from Art Basel

BASEL – Maurice Mentjens, whose interior-design accolades include those for a café at the Bonnefanten Museum in Maastricht, has been visiting Art Basel since the 1990s.

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Christ & Gantenbein construct a contemporary ruin in Basel

Christ & Gantenbein has given the extension to the Kunstmuseum Basel an archaic look.

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Daniel González tempts a community to unwrap a Swiss factory like chocolate

TORRE-BLENIO – Argentina born artist Daniel González continues his quest to realise 'ephemeral architecture', structures which exist temporarily before returning to their original state.


Tom Emerson’s ETH students build floating Pavilion of Reflections for Manifesta 11

ZÜRICH – The ETH professor and architect Tom Emerson whose students designed and built the impressive pavilion for Manifesta 11 speaks to Mark about the philosophy behind his work.


Laufen's annual symposium releases architecture during Art Basel

BASEL – To satisfy the needs of creatives from art-related disciplines during the annual Art Basel, Swiss manufacturer Laufen Bathrooms continues its tradition of the Architecture during Art …

Frame Milan Design week
Frame Milan Design week

SOM conceives permeable headquarters for Geneva Business District

GENEVA – An American firm takes on delicate physical and environmental constraints with new JTI building.


Steiner Sarnen Schweiz updates housing complex with a bold, new identity

LUCERNE – The refurbishment of a nearly century-old residential complex includes a futuristic addition to the courtyard.


LOCALARCHITECTURE transforms an Ivorian villa into a new home for a Swiss embassy

ABIDJAN – A Lausanne-based firm contributes to Côte d’Ivoire’s post-colonial modernist architecture with a new Swiss embassy.


Hotel Arnica Scuol's guests recline in limestone vessels with Alpine views

SCUOL – Perched high upon a mountain top, Hotel Arnica Scuol offers guests meditative views of the Swiss Alps while immersed in an ergonomic bath formed of Volcanic Limestone™.