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Technology-driven solutions transform the bathroom

FRANKFURT – The Best of ISH Part 2: Frame reports the latest innovations in bathroom design and trends in sanitation solutions from the ISH trade fair.


Humans, come and say Hello, Robot

WEIL AM RHEIN – Delve into the world of robotics at the Vitra Design Museum with over 200 exhibits that analyse the role of robots in literature, society and our daily lives. 

Frame Milan Design week
Frame Milan Design week

Autodesk uses an algorithm to design a chair

TECHNOLOGY – An algorithm is responsible for your Google search, your computer speed and now – the design of your chair.


Young designers pump up the music at home, at work and on the fly

TECHNOLOGY – Instead of trying to dampen noise in interior spaces, some designers are actually adding sound to our lives.


Technology moves, reacts and pretends to be human – so what can it do for us?

TECHNOLOGY – Perhaps the greatest point of friction between man and machine is not hardware but software, which may replace its organic counterpart in terms of automated production …


Natural phenomena transform into a festival of light

AMSTERDAM – Local firms UNStudio and Benthem Crouwel Architects reveal the potential of biomimicry for the future of architecture at the Amsterdam Light Festival.


Ink Associates and Random Studio unite technology and community for Nike stores

AMSTERDAM – Ink Associates and Random Studio create a digital fabric to facilitate social interaction and team spirit in Nike’s key stores. 

Frame 113

Samsung's IFA booth signals a shift towards more experiential trade show presentations

BERLIN – This autumn, MDLab // Cheil Germany collaborated with Samsung for IFA 2016 to create memorable moments to spur visitor engagement.

Frame Milan Design week
Frame Milan Design week

Hublot Design Prize winner Christophe Guberan invests familiar materials with new meaning

Christophe Guberan explores the impact of new technologies on familiar materials such as paper, wood and textiles.


Hongjie Yang concocts an alternative aesthetic from a union of art, nature and science

EINDHOVEN – Hongjie Yang discusses lab-grown human materials, alternative aesthetics and the future of the industry. 

Frame 113

Julien Baiamonte's rotating installation creates a ghostly soundscape

GENEVA – Trained in graphic design at HEAD Genève, Julien Baiamonte seeks to bridge the gap between the rational and irrational in his work.


Raphaӫl Pluvinage and Marion Pinaffo employ design as an educational tool

Developed in collaboration with Raphaël Pluvinage, Marion Pinaffo’s Papier Machine is a booklet of paper games designed to reveal the inner workings of electronic devices to players of all ages.