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Nick Leith-Smith: merging shopping experience and local culture for Manolo Blahnik

TOKYO – In more than 30 Manolo Blahnik stores around the world, Nick Leith-Smith translates the local context into a visual dialogue with the brand and its customers.


How a wooden cross makes this Japanese workspace more flexible

TOKYO – You put a whiteboard in, you take a partition wall out; you do a little brainstorm and you change your team around: that’s what it’s all about for COOOP3.


Acne’s new direction in denim

TOKYO – The Shibuya store is the only one the world where Acne Studios has launched Blå Konst, a new collection that represents an investigation into denim.


The rainbow engineer – Tokujin Yoshioka

TOKYO – Spectrum, the latest installation by artist and designer Tokujin Yoshioka, builds a rainbow bridge across the boundaries of art, design and architecture.


Emmanuelle Moureaux colours future years for museum anniversary

TOKYO – For the National Art Center’s tenth anniversary, French architect and designer Emmanuelle Moureaux invokes a colourful forest of the decade yet to come.

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Inside Yota Kakuda's cheese-tart shop, baked goods appear to float in midair

TOKYO – Having completed Bake Sendai earlier this year, Japanese designer Yota Kakuda created another cheese-tart outlet for Bake in Tokyo’s Kita-Senju district, this time inspired by the …


Nendo reinterprets the hourglass for Panerai watches

TOKYO – For an installation at Spiral in Aoyama, Tokyo, Nendo offered a new spin on the traditional hourglass for Italian watch brand Panerai.


Nendo's exhibition Unprinted Material illustrates the expression of paper

TOKYO – To some, digital technology has seemed to herald the death, not just of the print magazine, the newspaper and the paperback book, but of paper, itself.


Schemata Architects' design for Blue Bottle Coffee embodies tranquillity and harmony

TOKYO – Blue Bottle Coffee's latest store design by Schemata Architects creates a tranquil haven in amongst the hectic streets of Roppongi, Tokyo. 


Designer dorms at Bunka Hostel Tokyo attract so-called flashpackers

TOKYO- Owned by Space Design Inc., Bunka Hostel Tokyo – bunka is Japanese for ‘culture’ – occupies an old seven-storey building in the city’s historical Asakusa district. 


A monochromatic workspace by Saori Miwa blurs the edges of the fashion and tech worlds

TOKYO – Saori Miwa, of design studio Little, curated an office space for Tokyo-based tech firm Vasily with its own carpeted catwalk.


Schemata Architects collaborates with KHA studio for the first flagship store of mintdesigns

TOKYO – Eclectic and quirky garments are brought to the forefront of the first ever flagship store of fashion brand mintdesigns, in the Aoyama neighbourhood of Tokyo.