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Artist Shinji Ohmaki expresses the fragile balance between existence and extinction

MIURA – Where They Create: Japan by photographer Paul Barbera offers insight into the working processes of the most creative minds in Japan. Here, we meet artist Shinji Ohmaki.


Artist Satorua Aoyama stretches the limits of expression through embroidery

TOKYO – Where They Create: Japan, photographer Paul Barbera's new book, invites readers inside the studios of Japanese creatives. Here, we meet embroidery artist Satorua Aoyama.

Paul Barbera's book is a behind-the-scenes look at the creative process in Japan (photo: Josh Dickinson).

Exploring Japanese creativity through the lens of photographer Paul Barbera

NEW YORK – Where They Create: Japan offers insight into the environments and working processes of the most creative minds in Japan. We caught up with the man behind the photos – Paul Barbera – …


Paul Barbera's new book Where They Create: Japan is out now!

AMSTERDAM – Frame is proud to present its latest title Where They Create: Japan – Creative Studios Shot by Paul Barbera.


Schemata Architects fixates on motion for descent blanc store

TOKYO – For its fourth collaboration with apparel brand descent blanc, Schemata Architects designs retail display units that create the illusion of an aircraft hangar. 


Schemata Architects' design for Blue Bottle Coffee embodies tranquillity and harmony

TOKYO – Blue Bottle Coffee's latest store design by Schemata Architects creates a tranquil haven in amongst the hectic streets of Roppongi, Tokyo. 


Schemata Architects collaborates with KHA studio for the first flagship store of mintdesigns

TOKYO – Eclectic and quirky garments are brought to the forefront of the first ever flagship store of fashion brand mintdesigns, in the Aoyama neighbourhood of Tokyo.


Jo Nagasaka of Schemata Architects reflects on what gave him a distinctive edge

‘My first work wasn’t architecture; it was furniture. After I graduated from Tokyo University of the Arts with an architecture degree in 1998, a friend I’d had since high school asked me to …

Billboard: Pre-Sale Book Schemata
Billboard: Pre-Sale Book Schemata