Double Jeu by Luis Bellenger and Pauline Capdo up-cycles everyday objects...

Design September Brussels Recap

International Players Enliven City-Wide Event

// Tags Belgium / Design / Fair

Lending itself to the global design circuit, the Belgian-cum-European Capital hosts it’s very own month-long event.

Strata: Slumbering on the Shore (2014) installation at Liverpool Central Library, Photo Credit: Leo Bieber

White Rainbow Gallery opens in London

The gallery brings contemporary Japanese art to the UK and Europe

// Tags Art / Art & Culture

The opening of White Rainbow Gallery is giving us something to be pretty excited about. This new London based space is dedicated …

Interview with Harumi Klossowska for DSM 10th Anniversary

The adored jewellery designer discusses the influence that the natural world has on her work

// Tags Design

Jewellery designer Harumi Klossowska draws heavily on the natural world to create bold pieces that combine imagery from East and …

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Alissa + Nienke Bowl M

€ 65.00



Selima Optique Money 2 Sunglasses Black

€ 290.00



Material World 3

€ 49.90




Performative Architecture:


02 - 31 October, 2014 // ETH Zürich, Switzerland

When Skopje suffered a catastrophic earthquake in 1963, the United Nations funded the development of a master plan...



Showcase of New Architectural Fanzines

02 October, 2014 - 31 August, 2014 // ETH Zürich, Switzerland

Archizines presents contemporary magazines that represent an alternative to the established architectural press. Over...


Ninety Minutes of Frame #4:

Let's Get Physical

03 October, 2014 // Pakhuis De Zwijger, Piet Heinkade 179, Amsterdam

The human body is a fleshy machine, an object of beauty, a branch of science and a vast subject for designers and...


Slow Tech:

Exhibition Series Features Guest Curators

04 October, 2014 - 29 November, 2014 // WOW Amsterdam, Wiltzanghlaan 60, 1061 HC Amsterdam

WOW is proud to present ‘Slow Tech’, an exhibition showing 11 chairs that fuse experimental materials or an...

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