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Unilever Headquarters Jakarta by Aedas. Photos Owen Raggett

Horizontal is the new vertical in Aedas’ recently opened office complex

JAKARTA – Aedas makes it its mission to set out for a new frontier in workplace design as it completes the Unilever Indonesian headquarters.


Aedas Interiors reframes VMS Investment Group's Hong Kong headquarters

HONG KONG – For VMS Investment Group’s new headquarters in Hong Kong, Aedas Interiors drew inspiration from the look and feel of an art gallery.

Tara Theatre by Aedas. Photos Philip Vile

Aedas Arts Team attaches a symbolic intervention to a small theatre

LONDON – A small end-terrace theatre in the south-west of London has been updated with an extension that includes a 100-seater auditorium.

This house serves as an expression of family values and cultural interests.

THR350 by Aedas

HONG KONG – International design practice Aedas recently completed an unconventional hillside private residence in the heavily built-up Tai Hang residential district of Hong Kong, accommodating two …

Inside a creamy, subdued colour palette juxtaposes the dark, metallic exterior.

Starlight Place by Aedas

CHONGQING – A shopping mall in Chongqing, China, mimics forms seen in its surrounding skyline as its walls and windows peak with dramatic angles and slopes.

The parametric design and transparent façade will invite visitors to explore the building.

West Kowloon Terminus

HONG KONG – To symbolize the growing relationship between Hong Kong and China, the world’s largest rail network will be built to connect Hong Kong and Beijing.

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