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Openings: Hospitality spaces from France's wine country to the West Coast

Airbnb takes to a small Italian village, Starbucks opens its largest roastery yet, branded hotels spring up and more in hospitality interior news.


Around the world in Airbnb 999 Brannan

SAN FRANCISCO – Airbnb expands into a new workspace, 999 Brannan, where its design intentions are to make employees feel like they ‘Belong Anywhere’. 

Spaces for Innovation outlines various approaches to workplace design, including that of the Airbnb office in Portland (pictured) (photo: Jeremy Bittermann).

Spaces for Innovation: an A to Z of engagement in workplace design

The new book Spaces for Innovation offers up much workspace food-for-thought, with one of the key considerations about engagement of teams relating to the invitation to participate in the …

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