Anish Kapoor

Well-known for his site-specific outdoor sculptures, Anish Kapoor has brought a number of his works together in the exhibition Turning the World Upside Down at the Serpentine Gallery’s Kensington Gardens in London. The installations are made from giant, mirrored surfaces, allowing interaction with the world around them. Although the sculptures are often monumental in size, they don’t impose on their surroundings. Instead they appear as a pure mirror image of the sky, trees, water, wildlife and changing seasons. Encouraging visitors to question both their relationship to the works and to the surrounding environment, the works offer viewers their own mirrored reflections, distorted in the surface. The works on show include Sky Mirror, C-Curve, and Non-Object (Spire) which each create a distinctive view of the world around them through a curved or tilted, mirrored surface. The installations will be on show until 13 March, 2010.