Antwerp articles


Looking for a fine drink in Antwerp? Try the church

Antwerp – In a city that prides itself on being atypical, one could expect to see things like a beer bar inside a cathedral. That's where De Plek comes in.


Everyone is falling head over sneakers in Antwerp

Antwerp – Barde + vanVoltt designs a sneaker store in Antwerp that meets the increasingly sophisticated tastes of the Millennial market. 

Building M by META. Photo Filip Dujardin

Concave concrete columns characterize META’s Building M

ANTWERP – The Belgian university building houses classrooms and a research centre for the rehabilitation sciences programme.


Richard Deacon explores innovative re-fabrication in Some Time

ANTWERP – The artist’s latest exhibition at Middelheim Museum challenges assumptions of contemporary sculpture by returning to past forms in order to create new ones.


Zaha Hadid Architects transforms Antwerp's historical Port House into a shimmering sculpture

ANTWERP – Zaha Hadid Architects creates a headquarters for Antwerp’s 500 port staff. The design leaves the original Port House intact while including a 21-m-tall infrastructure that will ensure …


Zumtobel enlightens shoppers with dynamic illumination at an Antwerp boutique

ANTWERP – Some retailers keep the lights either low or glaring to obscure the faults of their fashion. Instead Gustav Bruynseraede used lighting in his single-label Eiermarkt, Antwerp boutique to …

Jakob Dunkl goes on a tour to meet famous architects such as Wolf D Prix, Jan Gehl, Odile Decq and Willem Jan Neutelings.

Series Meine Stadt/Ma Ville documents an architectural voyage through four European cities

In the programme, Jakob Dunkl from querkraft architects visits the urban metropolises of Lyon, Luxembourg, Copenhagen and Antwerp.

The void in the square plan of the new building forms a cloistered play area where students’ creative works can be displayed.

Kleuterschool de Gekko by Moke Architecten and Gianni Cito

ANTWERP – An Amsterdam studio integrates an old town hall into a new nursery school.

In 2011 the first product by Lemscelt and Studio Job was a fact and the Job Cabinet was presented in Milan as an immediate success.

Lensvelt Joins Forces with Studio Job

The friendship between manufacturer Hans Lensvelt and Job Smeets from Studio Job started in a restaurant in Antwerp in 2008.

The Jane in Antwerp will open it's doors to the public on March 24th.

The Jane by Piet Boon

Tucked right in the middle of Antwerp’s up-and-coming Groen Kwartier, The Jane is the much anticipated establishment of three star chef Sergio Herman and chef Nick Bril.


At Tarmak, shoppers can share their new shoes immediately using interactive floor stickers.

Tarmak by Pinkeye

Shoe store Tarmak wanted to redesign its brand in every single way – from the logo to the physical retail space. Antwerp-based creative studio Pinkeye transformed the store next door in a …

The offices of Pinkeye Crossover Design Studio in Antwerp.

Office by Pinkeye Crossover Design Studio

Pinkeye Crossover Design Studios in Antwerp have given their offices a makeover, with eclectic meetings rooms, wood-panelled walls, and what could easily double as the hippest bar in your …