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Mark A-to-Z: V is for Views

Sometimes it’s views first, architecture second. Here are five projects that take us to the edge. 


Mark A-to-Z: U is for Urbanization

Over half the world’s population now lives in urban settlements. Here are five projects that question and highlight urbanization and the issues that arise from it.

Impostor by les malcommodes. Photos Simon Parent

Impostor by Les Malcommodes catches the tourist gaze

QUEBEC CITY – The picturesque Quebec City welcomes a splash of colour on its waterfront with the new installation by Les Malcommodes.

New York's Guggenheim Museum cut in half.

LTL Architects elevates new views on the overlooked technique of section drawing

NEW YORK – Architects and educators of LTL Architects present the first book entirely dedicated to the humble section drawing – and wait with professional curiosity for colleagues to enrich this …

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