Sebastian Errazuriz has had a string of unhappy relationships. At least that’s what we can gather from Gold Digger, Cry Baby and Hot Bitch, just some of the shoe sculptures that the artist will exhibit in Miami Beach next week. The show of 12 shoes, opening at the Melissa shoes Pop Up Shop, are each inspired by one of Errazuriz’s former girlfriends or lovers.

The sculptures are created using 3D printing technology, with a plastic filament as ink. Errazuriz’s fantastical shoe designs aim to get us all thinking about customization, and – with home 3D printing on the rise – to see product design in the future as a form of personal expression and art.

12 Shoes for 12 Lovers is show at the Melissa Pop Up Shop on 830 Lincoln Road, Miami Beach, Florida from 5 December until 5 January 2014.