Interior design and communications specialists Masquespacio give a lesson in branding with the interior of a language school in Valencia, Spain. The design of the 2day Languages school is based on its brand identity which Masquespacio first tasked themselves with creating. A flag fused with a text bubble including the three characteristics of language learning; levels, goals and conversation, form the basis for the logo. The use of the three colours, blue, yellow and pink, represent the three language levels.

The school itself is made up of three classrooms, a staff room and a lounge in which the designers have married the original neoclassical architecture of the building with a modern interior. The pastel colours from the logo feature heavily throughout the building, linking rooms and highlighting the function of certain areas. Each classroom contains a different colour to reflect the level of Spanish being taught there, whilst all the colours are combined in the common room, hall and reception to illustrate the different levels coming together in times between study.

The fresh quality of the interior is a result of the fading pastel palette on the walls and  the light airy rooms. The furniture also reflects the schools brand identity with sculptural lights illustrating a further defragmentation of the graphical elements of the logo.

Images courtesy of photographer David Rodríguez and Masquespacio