Recognize the space? Probably not. It’s the same industrial gasholder in Oberhausen, Germany, in which Christo inflated a major incarnation of Big Air Package (Frame 93, p. 075), but in the hands of Urbanscreen the space has been transformed into a play of light and shadow.

The German team of eight – whose expertise includes architecture, music, stage design and media art – specializes in large-scale projections on urban surfaces. You can imagine them salivating at the prospect of having a 20,000-m2 ‘playground’ at their disposal.

Named for the radius of the projection surface, 320˚ Licht comprises graphic patterns that grow and morph on the venue’s 100-m-high interior walls. Twenty-one powerful projectors feed one screen, on which visitors view a light show in 22-minute loops. Realized with support from Epson Germany, the installation is part of The Appearance of Beauty, an exhibition that runs until 30 December 2014.