A collection of 365 Japanese items are part of an exhibition that's fusing east with west while exploring our daily necessities.

Charming Everyday Things launched earlier this year in Paris, curated by DGT Architects. It's re-opening today for only four days in Tokyo, at the Pola Museum Annex. 

The concept displays 365 Japanese products on white plates, which appear to hover above ground. In Paris, the exhibit showed in an 19th-century metal factory near Avenue Richard Lenoir. While the architects say the setting had a ‘great character’ for the exhibition, including vintage wooden flooring, it also further enhanced the concept of fusing traditional Japanese and Parisian design.

‘Putting the items on floating plates created an unusual landscape,’ says Dan Dorell of DGT – DORREL.GHOTMEH.TANE Architects. ‘Each item was set in a distance to the other one, on the round plate. By making a one leg per plate as a column structure, linking and in tension, the visibility of wooden floor payments was enhanced.’

In Paris, all of the products were available to purchase so exhibit visitors could bring Japanese design into their own daily lives.

Photos courtesy Takuji Shimmura.

Pola Museum Annex

3F 1-7-7 Ginza Chuou-ku
Tokyo, Japan