In a new township in China's Yunnan province, imaginative architecture forms the basis for an ambient restaurant and artist's lounge by Cheng Chung Design (CCD).

A series of undulating vessel-like terracotta brick buildings emerge from the red-soil landscape of Dongfengyun Town, a new arts-and-culture settlement in China’s Yunnan Province. The distinctive structures are the work of local artist Luo Xu, whose ‘utopic’ vision centred on merging the architecture seamlessly with the natural surroundings. Bricks were sourced from nearby factories and the group was constructed without a single steel bar or nail. Housed within one of the edifices is 50%Cloud.Artists Lounge, a restaurant and exhibition hub designed by CCD. The interior both respects the fantastical exterior while establishing an individual, elegant look – one inspired by the Art Deco movement.

The sinuous build translates to natural curves, large-span arches and lofty ceilings inside, with round skylight openings in the roofs. To achieve the desired atmosphere, CCD evenly distributed natural light sources, developing all design elements in alignment with them. The effect is a constant interplay between brightness and shadows, which the firm explains helps create ‘diversified spatial experiences’. A steel partition in the entryway bends toward the main space, ushering guests in side. Here, a bar serves as the heart of the dining room, encircled by curved banquettes, round dining tables and large woven luminaires. As a finishing touch, the designers introduced lush greenery to enliven the area, a nod to Xu’s intent to connect the built environment with nature.