A place where receiving, returning and sending parcels is truly seamless seems almost like a utopian ideal. But with a new store for online shopping customers, Finnish postal and logistics company Posti wants to get as close as possible – by offering a legitimate spatial experience. Local studio Fyra worked with consulting company Motley to develop Posti Box, a retail concept that inherently services self-servicing customers. The first location is now open in the centre of Helsinki.

Scan, pick up, go, get home, open parcel, realize that your shirt your ordered is too small and, amid your busy work week, don’t return it for lack of time or fear of long queues: Posti Box invites a departure from this entire process and the idea of an efficient pick-up point simply being rows upon rows of parcel lockers. Despite accommodating over 600 lockers, Posti Box incorporates customer-service elements and a fitting room for people to try their purchases on immediately (a feature that has also been tested by DHL in the Netherlands and Belgian company Bpost).

The interior architecture and design is essential to the experience. That’s because the space is thought out to be one that you won’t want to leave as soon as you’ve come in. This is a clear contrast to other pick-up points – shops that hardly elicit a second thought after they’re left from. Taking notes from retail’s shift toward hospitality, Fyra built a coffee lounge in the entrance, with the lockers as a backdrop. Neon signage and individual colours in a millennial-pleasing colour palette establish the functional zones. After parcels have been collected, unpacked and their contents tried on or tested, packaging can be tossed at a dedicated recycling station.

Consumers aren’t the only customers that Posti Box targets though: Spotlight, an area in the front of the shop, is one that can be used by online companies to present products.