London-based screenwriter and photographer Charlotte Colbert has produced an impressive new body of work that teases and deconstructs the stereotype of feminised domesticity. Bringing a touch of the absurd into her dreamlike, evocative photographs, she compares the writer and the housewife as figures struggling to establish their identities within the fluid, unstable settings of the home. Shot on location in a dilapidated house in Bethnal Green, the architecture takes on a character of its own, shaping a miasmic psychological landscape that conjures up feelings of confusion, loss and fear.

Colbert’s images are mainly in black and white, shot on medium format film and shown within the context of their original negative, much like phantasmagoric snapshots of a dream or nightmare. Featuring blurry figures, props and distorting mirrors, her photographs draw viewers into visions of ruins and fairy tales. Only a few images are shot in 35 mm: these are the ones exploring the mystery of self-perception, and the woman’s body is portrayed within the idiom of isolation, solitude and confinement.

A Day at Home will run from 29 November to 15 December.

Gazelli Art House, 39 Dover Street, London W1S 4NN

Images courtesy of the artist and the gallery.