The interiors of Valencia’s CLI Dental Clinic pose a clever game of colour: in the all-grey office, the silvery whiteness of gleaming medical tools shine ever brighter. For the studio responsible – Fran Silvestre Arquitectos – this monotone palette provided a means to highlight dental medicine’s mise-en-scène and reframe its typological interior design as an extension of professional practice.

Upon beginning the project, the team was faced with a challenging existing interior layout. The floor plan, dating from the beginning of the last century, resembles a long rectangle, with an isosceles triangle annexed to one side. To resolve the irregularity of the lobby, the architects designed workspaces on one side, then allocating treatment suites directly opposite. This space management strategy leaves a passage between the two volumes that leads to the clinic’s back of house.

The greyish interior appears to be made of a single homogenous material, but this is a trick of the eye: cladding is made of lacquered panels, walls are varnished in paint and the textiles used for seating provide a range of tactility to an otherwise monochromatic interior. Narrow room-spanning light fixtures add dramatic touches of light throughout the clinic, additionally acting as a way-finding tool as they guide visitors throughout the irregularly-shaped entrance hall.

By cleverly manipulating a challenging floor plan and using colour strategically, Fran Silvestre Arquitectos effectively branded the office’s dentistry programme.