The 80-year-old former home of Paramount Pictures Studio’s Sydney headquarters, has provided the backdrop narrative for the hotel that now resides on site. Designed by Breathe Architecture, Paramount House Hotel embraces the raw materiality of the existing building and ‘captures the spirit and excitement of the golden era of film’.

Breathe Architecture has prioritised sustainability throughout the hotel’s design, not only by adopting the heritage building and incorporating its existing brick and timber shell, but by ensuring that additional materials are low in embodied energy and locally sourced, where possible, to reduce the environmental impact of the project’s construction and operation. This allows the architects to truly tell the story of the building – a ‘textural narrative’ – while adding to the next stage of its functional life. Subtle elements of sustainable design are embedded throughout the building: ‘Responding to its context, many of the suites each have a north-facing winter deck,’ says the team. ‘This not only encourages guests to engage with the external environment but also [provides] shade and natural ventilation.’

Top: A copper, chevron screen around the facade complements the art deco style of the neighbouring buildings while establishing a visual link with the adjacent red brick warehouse. | Middle: The shared atrium space is topped by a glass roof and features screen partitions which replicate the pattern of the exterior cladding. | Bottom: Adding to the existing fabric of the worn bricks and timber floors, the designers have used a palette of metalwork, concrete, locally-designed textiles and recycled fixtures and fittings to enhance the project’s sustainability.

The 29 guest rooms are each completely unique and designed as lived-in apartments to create a homey feel. Ornamentation, from the free-standing solid timber bath tubs, to the lush greenery and locally-made furniture, add to the characterful charm of the hotel’s inviting atmosphere.

This project was featured in the latest volume of our hospitalty-design series, Night Fever 6. Get your copy here.