HUNG HOM – As any health and safety inspector will happily tell you, cleanliness is next to godliness in the food trade. That explains why white and green have always been the go-to colours for supermarkets keen to show off the fresh-from-the-field nature of their produce. Want proof? Just flick back to Frame 109 to see how a vegetarian restaurant in the Ukraine chose white to promote the purity of its ingredients.


In the meantime, PplusP Designers flipped this wisdom on its head for U&B, a Hong Kong grocery store. White is restricted to the floor, while orange dominates a space inspired by the fruit and veg for sale. This doesn’t mean that U&B stocks only pumpkins and persimmons; it’s just that the monochromatic palette is intended to draw customers’ attention away from the walls and onto the greens.


Sales first, aesthetics later: this practical philosophy extends to the display material. As the time is always ripe for fresh products to hit the shelves, every part of the store is completely movable, allowing each panel, shelf and frame to be (re)positioned to achieve a prime presentation of the latest delivery. Amid this topsy-turvy world, a nod to the traditional greengrocer’s takes the form of wooden frames at the entrance, which serve as decoration and hark back to the crates traditionally used for transporting the cream of the crop.

Photos Wesley Liu