Who knew something as sweetly sedate as a French macaron could be the inspiration for such a boldly bonkers space in Hong Kong? That’s the origin story for Eat Darling Eat, a self-described ‘postmodernist dessert laboratory’ in the Asian city.

How so, a laboratory? The space, designed by NC Design and Architecture, serves contemporary updates of iconic local desserts such as egg tarts, pineapple buns and tong sui, as well as bespoke sweet cocktails.

To compete with the outbursts of fluff and colour on the plates and in the glasses, the NC team used reflective surfaces in fluorescent shades to carve out furniture in the shape of playful references to comfort food. Beyond that, custom stools are shaped like doughnuts and macarons, while others appear to have the consistency of jelly; further down, the centrepiece bench seating is shaped like a cake cut-out.

‘The whole idea was to create a fully immersive environment,’ explained NC founder Nelson Chow, referring to the optical illusions achieved with the bespoke elements. ‘It is a utopian remedy that escapes from the global perspective of popular culture.’