Walls are no longer mute as TeamLab creates a responsive and interactive environment for digital natives to play in their latest exhibition, Future Park. Shogo Kawata, chief architect at TeamLab was quoted in Frame 119, ‘We see digital technology as an igniter of creativity that should be treated something like a material. We can use technology to control the “time” needed to change people´s perception of space.’ Here, the creativity of visitors is injected into a growing and evolving performance that exceeds the immersive nature of the exhibition and elevates it to an interactive conversation between habitat and inhabitant.

Future Park is a playground for children and adults alike. But unlike traditional playgrounds, the exhibition space calls for a collaboration between the imagination and digital technology, as visitors explore dreamt-up jungles, compose symphonies, build cities, and bring to life their own creations and people of the future.

Comprised of eight different installations, Future Park tickles all the senses. Music is composed with the Light Ball Orchestra, where live music plays as the balls of different sizes float above or roll around to connect with one another. Graffiti Nature – Mountains and Valleys is a jungle of imaginary animals and plants, drawn up by the visitors. The landscape changes and evolves in response to a shared vision of what was, what is, and what could be. Leaving the flora and fauna behind, creative guests can interact with a townscape of their own in Sketch town, drawing and scanning vehicles, buildings and public spaces onto the surfaces.

In spite of Future Park’s artistic flair, TeamLab isn’t confined by the labels or classifications of art or artists. MAAS Director and CEO Dolla Merrillees describes the studio’s installations and work as a ‘walk on a tightrope between art, technology and design’. In Frame 119, TeamLab brings this digital multidisciplinarity to bear in a workplace environment through a ‘digital receptionist’ for the DMM.com headquarters in Japan.

The Future Park exhibition at MAAS opens 24 November 2017 and ends 30 April 2018.


Location MAAS, 500 Harris St, Ultimo NSW 2007, Australia

For more on TeamLab’s work, get your copy of Frame 119 at the Frame Store today.