Highlighting top-notch ingredients isn’t only essential to great cooking, it serves as the fundamental design principle at the Altelier specialty foods store in Granada, Spain.

Key features

When designing a retail space for Buenaventura’s Altelier store in Granada, Spain, Madrid-based design studio Punto Filipino opted for a subtle spatial intervention that ensures ‘food is the star’ of the space. Maintaining the essence of the carefully selected food products, the space showcases them as if they were works of art in a gallery: bottles of oil and vinegar are presented carefully on stone podiums with recessed lights shining onto them while wine bottles line shelves like books in a library. 

A soft colour palette consisting of washed white, muted yellow and blue-green tone is used throughout. Reddish light fixtures and greenish accents resemble fresh produce and extra virgin olive oil. Non-pigmented lime and mosaic tiling clads the store’s walls while product displays are made of natural stone, tiles and lacquer. Resin applied by hand covers the store’s floors, giving the space a clean feeling. 

Frame’s take

They say that the best cooking is simple cooking, using super fresh and high-quality products. Offering a range of hand-selected fine food products, Punto Filipino captured this culinary philosophy in the design of the Altelier store. Just as a chef wouldn’t dare overcrowd a dish with the risk of overpowering its star ingredient, the designers opted for a simple aesthetic that lets the bottles, boxes and bags of the high-quality ingredients sing. By relying on materials typical of cooking spaces the interior situates customers in a familiar kitchen setting, cultivating an intimate shopping experience.