To transform a large industrial venue into a welcoming environment for a multi-brand retailer, an interior design studio adopted a simple – yet effective – strategy.

Creatives at Antwerp-based studio WeWantMore ‘conquered’ a 750-sq-m space in Ghent for Belgian footwear company KevinShoes by ‘dividing and colour bombing’ their way to the end result: the team explains that they viewed the size of the site as a challenge and a solution. A challenge, because they needed to work against the existing ambiance, overwhelming and cold. But also a solution, because the openness meant that areas highly tailored to buyer needs could be built.

Each product zone gives way to a slightly different shopping experience. The section for sneakers in particular is constructed from 4,400 bold blue bricks, integrated with neon lights for a street culture vibe. The boutique area, where premium shoes for women are displayed, is meant to be more intimate: it’s a secluded cube, partitioned from the rest of the store by a metal structure wall strung with 2,600 m of semi-transparent elastic ropes. Two zones comprise the children’s area, which is built to scale for tots and surrounded by aisles for women’s and men’s shoes. An Yves Klein-blue colour scheme defines the whole of the store, joining the separate areas under a cohesive hue.

‘By creating distinct spaces within a space,’ says Ruud Belmans, creative director of WeWantMore, ‘we played on the urge to explore and the excitement that goes along with it.’