To design a shop that would highlight the function and value of the product sold there, local studio A Work of Substance imagines Khromis, a 75-sq-m sunglass boutique, as a showcase of light by multiple means.

The interior represents the studio's exploration of micro and macro light, reflection and refraction, through a clever use of materials that invoke the full participation of its visitors' senses. The designers use materials that transmit, focus and diffuse light, including stainless steel, mirror, acrylic, glass and equally bright white (eco-friendly) paint. Three large windows, featuring elegantly rounded corners, bring light into the corner shop. This radius is repeated in multiple ways indoors and out: in doorways and passageways, multifunctional niches, and in furniture.

Top: In an arched, steel-lined niche, visitors can sit and try glasses on as if at a vanity. | Middle: Light from the street, which shifts throughout the day, is invited into the shop to play with, and complete, its light-friendly interiors. | Bottom: The bevelled wooden 'prisms' of the display drawers are repeated around the counter of the shop's coffee bar.

The store's flexible wall display system is made up of small, clear acrylic shelves slot into backlit grids of steel. The design team frames these reflective/refractive surfaces with luxurious reclaimed timber, while the sides of display tables, points of sale, and even a small coffee bar, are repeatedly and deeply chamfered. An example of craftsmanship of the highest standard, the chamfering recalls the shape of stacked prisms. The wood also gives the eyes a moment's rest from the shop's play of light.

This project was featured in the latest volume of our retail-design series, Powershop 6. Get your copy here.