Most people don't know much about Mol. And yet, this small town about half an hour outside of Antwerp is well known among golf connoisseurs for being home to a sprawling club that swags across 47 sloping emerald hectares. The Kempense Golf Club contains an 18-hole course threaded with dense vegetation, mixed routes, practice areas and shops, as well as an attractive brasserie that serves light snacks, salads and tapas dishes made with seasonal and fresh ingredients.

Wanting to seat guests on the terrace of the brasserie year-round, the club's owners reached out to custom outdoor coverings brand KE Outdoor Design. They asked the Italian company to find a way to renovate the 130-sq-m area in a way that would be elegant, functional and in line with the existing architectural sensibility of the building and its crisp silhouette.

'The client chose KE because they admire Italian design and manufacturing and the industry's use of high-quality materials,' said Gianni Andreetta, KE's technical director. 'KE has broad experience in horeca installations and is able to offer tailored solutions for each venue requirement.'

The KE Boflex dealer in nearby Hasselt suggested a versatile shading solution called the Gennius Isola 2 pergola, in order to respect the minimal architectural style. KE installed the free-standing aluminium-frame pergolas, composed of three side-by-side modules, in a black Inver colorway with the roof in white Ferrari darkening fabric.

The Isola 2 is notable for its minimal lines and low arched roof, giving the structure the most compact dimensions. The installation of the pergolas, which in foul weather can be entirely closed vertically or horizontally by way of the Gennius Vertika lateral roller system, gave the brasserie 80 new seats outdoors. The motorised system allows the roofs to be opened individually via a remote control, or through a smartphone or tablet app.

KE also suggested an atmospheric way to light the terrace, running an LED strip along the full perimeter of the structures' interior, establishing an elegant ambience for evenings.

The result? Today, even in the chilly Belgian winter, the brasserie is a bright spot on the green, where guests can slough off a long day of play.