Aberrant Architecture’s palette for a school in London’s De Beauvoir Town is an adventurous defiance of monochromatic interiors. The East London practice and think-tank introduced refreshing tones – with a grown-up twist – into the Rosemary Works School.

For the second phase of the ongoing project, Aberrant reimagined the main hall of the Edwardian structure as a multipurpose space. Curtains in warm pastels – complemented by several in a rich purple with a striking resemblance to Pantone’s recently released Love Symbol #2, a tribute to the late singer, Prince – form both an aesthetic backdrop and an acoustic barrier for the school’s new gathering area. Hanging from a series of meandering rails, the curtains cleverly subdivide the hall. Varying in opacity, the durable drapery offers maximum flexibility for the control of light and sound.

In addition to the fabric framework, Aberrant created kit-of-parts furniture elements. Site-specific pieces in blue and beige include a podium on casters that doubles as tiered seating and a child-size bookshelf. By making these and other objects mobile, the architects gave the pupils spatial freedom and the teachers a range of possibilities for the school’s future.