Turner Prize winning artist Antony Gormley presents his latest sculptures at Xavier Hufkens Gallery in Brussels. In according to a given mean, Gormley draws on geometric shapes in a meditative scrutiny of the spatial-temporal elements experienced by the human body.

Besides materialising the idea of the human physique caught in aggregation or entropy, Gormley’s sculptures also elicit a sensitive consciousness of bodies in relation to place, specifically the architectural fixities of the gallery itself. In one series, the sculptures form chain-like links redolent of the human body, engaging with the gallery space and giving it life. As visitors traverse the exhibition area, their perception of their selves is heightened and mediated through Gormley’s work.

Over his long and illustrious career, Gormley’s name has become synonymous with sculptures of the human figure that provoke re-assessment of the embedded self within socially specific surroundings.

According to a given mean will show at Xavier Hufkens from 28 March to 4 May.

Xavier Hufkens Gallery
Rue Saint-Georges 6-8 
City of Brussels, Belgium

Images courtesy of the artist and Xavier Hufkens.