Japanese firm Torafu Architects has designed two Aesop shops that demonstrate how one material can be applied in contrasting ways.

Both locations are filled with Oriented Strand Board, which is created by compressing thousands of wood splinters. Used to form shelving units and displays, the material offers an eco-chic aesthetic that suits as a backdrop for Aesop products.

The Yokohama shop’s interior combines lightly-toned OSB displays with fresh, minty green walls and an enticing, dark hunter green on the façade.

The Shin-Marunouchi shop uses OSB stained in a deeper, earthier hue which conveys a richer tone. The shop is located in a corner lot of a shopping mall. The arrangement of a large central display allows for easy customer flow in-and-out the space, drawing them to products displayed on rear walls.

Aesop Yokohama Bay Quarter
1-10 Kinkoumachi
Kanagawa, Japan

Aesop Shin-Marunouchi
3F Shin-Marunouchi Building
1-5-1 Marunochi,
Chiyoda-ku Tokyo