London-based Mat Collishaw is one of the Young British Artists who emerged from Goldsmiths College in the 1980s. Known primarily for his usage of real images of disaster to produce hypnotic works such as Kristallnacht, Barbarossa and Suicide Suite, Collishaw has also created alluring, staged pieces that draw the viewer’s attention to the intrinsic darkness and evil that are present in society. ARTER is hosting his first solo exhibition in Istanbul, entitled Afterimage. The show brings together 18 works dating from the 90s to the present, and urges us to consider the following question: can the reality represented by an image continue to exist after the event captured has passed?

Collishaw’s work exists at the intersection of photography, sculpture and installation, and harnesses the dual effects of light and projection very masterfully. Bringing together all types of still and moving image production techniques ranging from analogue photography to LCD screens, Collishaw heightens our awareness of his exquisite images as possessing separate realities of their own. His work also borrows from elements of nature, such as butterflies, birds and flowers. “The Venal Muse” pays homage to Charles Baudelaire’s Les Fleurs du Mal and features wilting flowers made of artificial resin, sprouting out of lead-coloured soil. On close inspection their fine petals have a flesh-like appearance, with anthropomorphic scars and sores pitting the skin. They are reflections on the depraved state of media-saturated culture.

Afterimage runs until 11 August.

ARTER – space for art, Istiklal Caddesi No 211, 34433 Beyoglu Istanbul, Turkey

All images courtesy of the artist, Blain | Southern and ARTER.