Swedish photographer Sannah Kvist has challenged a slew of young adults to pack the entirety of their possessions into one sculptural creation.

All photographed individuals were born in the 1980s, as was Kvist, who says this was the most important stipulation of the All I Own project.

‘The 80s generation was the first in Sweden to grow up with worse social conditions than their parents, while the way we consume has changed radically,’ Kvist says. No participants had a fixed mortgage or contract, which meant – like many 20 to 30-year-olds – they're used to packing their lives into boxes and moving.

Kvist's process begins by having the subject collect all furnishings and objects, then pile them into a sculpture. The participants have total freedom to design the stack.   

She says the project began when she moved for the third time in six months and was tired of lugging her belongings from place to place. She thus gave away much of her possessions, reducing her own to the bare minimum.

‘When I wanted to continue the project with other participants, I noticed how quickly they began to "compose" their stacks,’ she says. ‘They fine-tuned them to put some stuff in front, hiding others. They were proud of some things and others less. It became clear it’s important to express the model’s own personality in the pictures.’  

Photos courtesy Sannah Kvist.