Amoon Optical, a purveyor of prescription eyeglasses for over a decad, turned to the local practice for an inviting multifunctional space.

A one-stop shop for a new pair of frames and coffee or tea, multi-brand Beijing retailer Amoon Optical is located in the Chinese city’s financial district. Designed by local practice TEMP – who completed institution Museum X earlier this year – the 180-sq-m interior is an illusory environment which repeats basic geometric circular and curved elements. The designers were inspired by the harmony of form in function which define eyeglasses as products and abstracted this concept to forge the spatial direction. Multi-functionality being a key component of the space, the consulting desks were also fashioned to accommodate café seating during busy hours, and a set of circular stringed screens can be manipulated to set up private areas. Contrasted with the dark grey walls, materials including mirrors, wood, brass and bamboo – the latter used for crafting bespoke chairs with a traditional technique – impart a sophisticated ambience.

Location Building #35, Jinshifang St. Xicheng, Beijing, China