SOFIA – From restricted and gloomy to spacious and bright, the first floor apartment of an old building in Sofia’s city centre now boasts a clean interior design and beautiful custom-made furniture.

Bulgarian studio dontDIY took into consideration the client’s wishes for more natural light and a contemporary design, as well as her lifestyle, from yoga practice to shoes collection, incorporating in the design a yoga deck and a winter garden, alongside the usual living areas.

With several elements – the kitchen, fireplace, fridge, washing machine, air-conditioning and bedroom closet – being built-in or hidden inside storage furniture, the apartment has a clean look throughout. What is more, the white walls and wooden flooring give it a cosy, but contemporary feel.

This atmosphere created by the thoughtful distribution of space and use of undemanding colours and materials is topped off  by stunning furnishings, including a custom made plywood desk, coffee table and baroque bed by dontDIY, in addition to well established pieces like a light blue Scandinavian sofa and the black rotating Jean Prouvé Vitra lighting fixture that hovers over it.

Images courtesy of dontDIY