For gaming lounge Invasion Universe, Daria Belyakova and team at Arch(e)type Bureau worked with the concept of classic theatre-meets-ultra-modernity.

Key features 

Arch(e)type Bureau’s spatial concept was prompted by the existing space in Moscow, whose three distinct zones reminded the designers of those in a theatre: lobby, stage and auditorium. The ‘lobby’ was translated into a lounge area with a bar, where gamers can relax and take time out from playing; the ‘stage’ is where esport competitions take place; and the ‘auditorium’ is represented by rooms from which VIP guests can view the stage. Arch(e)type combined these and other theatre tropes – rich burgundy velvet, for one – with a slick, modern aesthetic to satisfy the lounge’s tech-driven audience. 

Frame’s take 

Video gaming was once a notoriously solitary activity, conducted in basements and dens across the globe. While Arch(e)type Bureau’s chosen palette of burgundy, black and dark grey doesn’t entirely bring gaming out of the shadows, that’s to be expected when the medium demands dark spaces. There’s another reason why Arch(e)type’s theatre-inspired aesthetic feels particularly pertinent: five years ago, the gaming industry became a bigger money-maker than the film and music industries combined, two markets well familiar with the theatre space. Combine this knowledge with results of the State of Online Gaming 2021 survey, which suggests the medium is becoming more important for social connectivity, and you can expect to see more gaming-gathering spaces in the future.