Liz West continues her quest to create new chromatic experiences as she captivates audiences with her colourful installations. Her latest work – Through No. 3 – can currently be seen on display in Spinningfields, Manchester until 6 January 2016.

As an artist, West is keen to immerse viewers in pure colour, often inviting them to move through the space – often walking, running or dancing – to experience the vibrant hues. This new installation, which opened to the public at the end of November, follows this trend; however, this is the first one that does so outdoors, amidst an urban architectural landscape. In essence, she is calling to invite visitors to indeed look at their surroundings in a new light. 

She comments, 'Making your way inside the multi-coloured corridor, visitors will see the world around them transformed by saturated colour. The coloured barrier between the outside and inside will create a striped cloak and distortion in an array of different hues, transforming the usual colorations and appearance of the outside environment.'

The triangular-shaped prism creates a new form of architecture alongside the city high-rises and is open to the public daily until 6 January 2016. Through No.3 has been curated by Castlefield Gallery in partnership with Allied London and is located at Crown Square in the Spinningfields area of Manchester.

Photos courtesy of the artist.