For a unique combination of luxury and classic style, look no further than Lefroy Brooks bathroom accessories. In an era of flat-packed furniture devoid of character, the UK-based manufacturer of luxury bathroom fixtures offers high-quality, handmade products in designs that capture the timeless styles of the century. The latest release is a new set of accessories as part of the brand’s 1930s Mackintosh collection.

Inspired by the Art-Deco movement, the Mackintosh line of products bring a nostalgic flair to any bathroom. Carefully crafted after a study into the company’s own archives of vintage hardware, the designs are informed by history and embody the height of the 1930s. The pieces are built from polished silver nickel and black ceramic, exuding the glamour and interest in rich materials prevalent during the Art-Deco movement. The clean lines and geometric forms also invoke the Art-Deco philosophy while appealing to contemporary tastes.

Attention to detail is evident in each handcrafted element, bringing luxury and character to spaces by serving more than a practical function and becoming what Lefroy Brooks calls ‘jazz-age jewelry for the bathroom’. This new addition to the longstanding collection broadens the potential character of a room, elevating it to a vintage elegance.