One of the international industry leaders speaking at Frame Lab on 21 February, Jos Stuyfzand addresses a key theme of improving wellbeing through design. From 21 to 22 February, Frame Lab is a global summit on the future of interior and spatial design, featuring an exciting programme of talks, workshops and panel discussions alongside immersive exhibitions.

As creative director at Philips Ambient Experience Design, Stuyfzand will share his insights on how to create empathic environments that go beyond just meeting the needs of doctors and patients, but promote good health and focus on individual experiences. The topic of his talk is How Spaces Can Heal People, and Stuyfzand tackles this issue in a very literal sense through his work: designing medical centres that facilitate recovery.

Jos Stuyfzand will speak at Frame Lab on 21 February on the topic of How Spaces Can Heal People. Photo Ronald Smits

‘Our whole conception of healthcare is being overhauled,’ says Stuyfzand. ‘Designers play a key role in this process, because they are quintessential in visualizing data – from patient satisfaction to productivity per square metre – and in translating the information into empathic environments.’

So how exactly can a designer ensure that every space, whether it be a waiting room or an operating theatre, generates optimal conditions for recovery? Stuyfzand gives us three answers through his own work.

1. Stimulate the Senses

Replace static lighting with dynamic lighting. Experts on hospital design are convinced that people thrive in environments in which light, image, sound and touch merge to form a holistic experience.

2. Make It Personal

Adaptive healing rooms with highly intuitive user interfaces help patients to create soothing environments tailored to personal needs.

3. Reduce Stress

Children who have to undergo an MRI scan are often less anxious when their favourite cuddly toy goes into the ‘tunnel’ with them. Stress reduction also provides a more accurate scan and thus better treatment.

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Location Gashouder Westergasfabriek, Klönneplein 1, 1014 DD Amsterdam, Netherlands