For a permanent exhibition at Alpinarium Galtür in Austria, Holzer Kobler visualized the age-old question: where is the end, the beginning and the middle of the world?

The Alpinarium Galtür focuses on Galtür’s position in relation to the rest of the world. Holzer Kobler curated and created a 690-m2 exhibition that highlights different interpretations based on cultural, historical, philosophical and artistic perspectives, each presented within a specifically designed volume.

The designers explored the connections between such pairings as beginning and end, top and bottom, and people and landscape. Content looks to the past as well as the future in an attempt to open up new ground for discovery. The sense of openness is implied to visitors before they enter the building; cutouts on the façade make for an interactive exchange between interior and exterior.  

Photos Günter Richard Wett