Munich-based KMS Blackspace, in collaboration with Schmidhuber, created a 3400 m2 showcase for Audi during Frankfurt’s 2013 International Motor Show. Responding to various demands for future mobility but also evoking the car company’s latest innovations, a Hanging City concept was devised. Audi’s full gamut was placed in different urban-environments, providing visitors with individual urban mobility solutions.

The stand was designed as a walk-through story. Elaborate projected images and a total of 11,2 million LED pixels bring the wide variety of urban scenes to life in Hanging City. These skyscrapers divided different thematic-districts. Family cars were installed next to a park while sport cars were placed on a wide avenue. Wall-mounted mirrors gave the appearance of a continuous city. The skyscraper-cubes look as if they were floating due to ceiling-mounted mirrors.

Comprised of 50 specialists, KMS Blackspace brings brands to life by reinventing the customer experience at trade shows, shops, showrooms, corporate headquarters and museum exhibitions. KMS was given the Agency of the Year Award as part of the Automotive Brand Contest 2013 during Frankfurt’s International Motor Show.

Photos Andreas Keller