Paris Hilton isn’t the only fashion staple from the aughties that seems to be popping up on many a moodboard. Thanks to a new lingerie store in Beijing, we are seeing the re-emergence of the decade’s ultimate Parisian Manic Pixie Dream Girl: Amélie, she of the odd fringe, crème-brûlée cracking and photomaton stalking.

Conceived by Isense Design, the IMI’s Market shop at EC Mall bears the instantly recognizable palette of Jean-Pierre Jeunet’s movie: the nearly exact deep shades of green, red and yellow that dominated the cult 2001 film are seen in the store, replicated both on walls and on bisque acrylic sheets.

Two of the movie’s key settings are loosely replicated inside the store: the lingerie store begins with a fruit and vegetable market, much like the one where main character Amélie Poulain delivers an artichoke-inspired comeback; the inside relates much more to her bedroom, where she finds the treasure box that kickstarts her self-acceptance. In the emotional and political minefield that is the female underwear category, that’s quite the reference. ‘It was no coincidence: Amélie believes that every woman has an angel in her heart, and our client’s idea was that women who are tired of being flaunted could find and accept their true selves here,’ explained Isense’s creative director, Sissi Bu.

To connect the inspirational dots, the cashier has a built-in projector that plays the movie on loop. No word yet on whether Yann Tiersen’s earworm of an accordion-friendly score is also on loop on the premises to further drive the idea home.