LONDON – In an attempt to transform a public space, 1500 translucent hula-hoops were suspended from trees in London’s Victoria Park.

By day Aurora's hoops appear to hang effortlessly amongst the tree’s canopy, thanks to a rigid structural plan directed by engineers Price and Myers. At night, a clever lighting strategy allows the draping pavilion to assert its presence and animate the space with varying colour projections.

Designers (and recent University of Westminster grads) Jamie Pearson and Lemma Redda realized the sculptural installation, where it’s hanging for the duration of the London Olympic Games. The structural frame is made from a series of steel rods hung from steel cables. Bespoke hula-hoops are cable-tied to steel footings which were parametrically designed, shifting the bearing angle of the hoops to create a wave-like effect across its surface.

The project was commissioned by the Mayor of London, as part of a student competition to present a public space in new light. Once the sculpture is dismantled the hoops will be distributed to schools and youth clubs throughout the country, giving the scheme its own legacy – a prime concern of the London Olympics.

Photos courtesy of Lemma Redda